Why Do Puppies Nip; How Do You Train Them To stop?

Why Do Puppies Nip? Puppies nip!  They nip, either to experiment and see what is acceptable and what is not, or they are teething.  Much like small children, they are very orally fixated.  They learn through behaviors such as these.  It is up to you to teach them what is […] Read more »

How Do I Train my Puppy To Walk Nicely On Leash?

Training puppies leash walking The most sensible approach to training puppies leash walking is to gradually introduce both leashes and collars.  Start with their collar.  Use excitement as you put a flat, light collar on your puppy to wear around the house. Read more »

How Do I Train My Puppy Not To Bite?

Want to train your puppy not to bite?  Then look at it from their perspective.  Before domestication dogs had to stalk, chase and kill dinner.  And that’s exactly what they were built to do for survival.  Dogs are also the only animals that are truly domestic by every sense of the […] Read more »

Puppies and Chewing

Rest assured, if there’s something that can be chewed, your puppy will chew it!  Puppies have a physical and mental need to chew.  Chewing is directly associated with the teething and learning process.  It begins around three months old when their permanent teeth are pushing up underneath their puppy teeth.  […] Read more »

Socializing Puppies With People

There are so many great reasons for Socializing Puppies With People .  The two most important reasons are: 1)      At some point in your dog’s life they’ll have to be handled by professionals like veterinarians and groomers. 2)      Socialization is important for puppies.  Building confidence and social skills around people will […] Read more »

Teach Your New Puppy House Manners

The first thing to decide when you bring your new puppy home is ‘what are the rules going to be?’.  Read more »

Teach Your Puppy To Be Confident!

Puppies learn through curiosity and play.  These behavioral patterns are essential for every growing puppy.  They are inherited traits that prepare your puppy for the later, more serious behaviors of a grown dog. Read more »

Train Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up

The first and most important rule when training a dog not to jump up is consistency.  No dog can tell the difference between your old jeans and your new suite.  Nor can they tell whether you’re in the mood to be jumped on or not.  Read more »