Train Your Dog To ‘Down’ Using Positive Reinforcement

Down can be a very difficult lesson to teach dogs.  If your dog doesn’t respect you as a pack leader they won’t submiss to you.  Also, it can have a depressing effect on dogs.  So to teach this, make sure you’re patient and relaxed. Read more »

What Is Dog Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a fairly new term in the dictionary of dogs.  It’s really not something anyone had to deal with in years gone by.  So we have to ask ourselves what has changed and where did this come from? Read more »

Is It Ok To Carry Your Little Dog Everywhere?

Do you have a toy, tiny or small breed dog?  Do you think it’s ok to carry them everywhere or do you think they should walk?  Let me give the quick and firm answer…….No, it’s not ok to carry them all the time.  Why?  2 reasons;  Physical health and mental health. Read more »

Getting a Rescue Dog

There are a lot of things to consider when getting a dog.  Getting a rescue dog can sometimes be a lot more work then you may have bargained for.  One thing is for sure, you should never jump into it whimsically.  Getting a dog is a big decision.  Getting a dog […] Read more »

Is It Ok To Feed Your Dog Leftovers?

The answer is a resounding YES!  Lets get away from ‘trend’ and go back to common sense.  Here’s a simple explanation for why you were fooled into thinking dogs can’t have human food.  Also what human foods you should and should not give your dog. Read more »

Why Do Puppies Nip; How Do You Train Them To stop?

Why Do Puppies Nip? Puppies nip!  They nip, either to experiment and see what is acceptable and what is not, or they are teething.  Much like small children, they are very orally fixated.  They learn through behaviors such as these.  It is up to you to teach them what is […] Read more »

How Do I Train my Puppy To Walk Nicely On Leash?

Training puppies leash walking The most sensible approach to training puppies leash walking is to gradually introduce both leashes and collars.  Start with their collar.  Use excitement as you put a flat, light collar on your puppy to wear around the house. Read more »