4 Tips On How To Pick A Good Dog Daycare

Looking for a Doggy Daycare?  Don’t know what to look for?  Here are 4 good tips on picking a good dog daycare: 1. Are there limitations to when you can or cannot come see your dog? A good dog daycare will have an open door policy.  You should be able to […] Read more »

Kennel Cough And Doggy Daycare’s

So what is the deal with kennel cough and doggy daycare’s? Giving your dog the borditella vaccine then bringing them to doggy daycare, dog parks, or dog social situations seems harmless, right?  With all the conflicting information it’s almost impossible for a dog owner to know what the right decision is.  Well, […] Read more »

Socializing Puppies With People

There are so many great reasons for Socializing Puppies With People .  The two most important reasons are: 1)      At some point in your dog’s life they’ll have to be handled by professionals like veterinarians and groomers. 2)      Socialization is important for puppies.  Building confidence and social skills around people will […] Read more »