Train Your Dog To Sit Using Positive Reinforcement

Training your dog to sit is definitely one of the easiest lessons.  It’s also one of the most important.  Having your dog sit on your command can defuse potentially stressful situations between dogs or even save your dog from danger if there’s cars or commotion.  Plus it’s respectful on your dog’s […] Read more »

How Owning A Dog Can Make You More Sociable

One thing is for sure.  If you have a dog you have no choice but to exercise it.  That means getting up off the couch and heading out the front door.  And depending on what age, breed and energy level your dog is will depend on how much exercise and […] Read more »

Prepare Your Dog For The Arrival Of Your New Baby

You’re pregnant!  The most exciting news in the world!  Whether this is your first baby or or not, this new little life joining your family is going to affect your dog.  As wonderful as your dog is, don’t blindly believe they’ll be thrilled with the new addition.  Dogs are not […] Read more »

RecoverySA – Product Review

I love this product!  If your dog suffers from pain of any kind, you have to try it.  ‘RecoverySA’ is an incredible healing agent for pain and injury for all your small companion animals. Read more »

What Is Tripe And Why Is It So Good For Dogs?

What exactly is tripe? The Wikipedia definition for tripe is ‘a type of edible lining from the stomachs of various farm animals.’  My definition of tripe is ‘Mother Nature’s perfect super-food for dogs’! Read more »