Tips On How To Pick A Reputable Breeder

Are you thinking about getting a puppy?  And you’ve firmly decided on a pure bred from a breeder as opposed to a mix breed from a rescue?  If so here are some quick tips on how to pick a reputable breeder: Read more »

What Is A ‘Puppy Mill’?

When you hear the word ‘puppy mill’ what do you picture?  Do you picture a way off acreage with cages and cages of sad, neglected puppies?  Do you picture an old dilapidated farmhouse with a terrible stench and mean people?  The phrase ‘puppy mill’ leaves the impression that it’s some […] Read more »

Getting a Rescue Dog

There are a lot of things to consider when getting a dog.  Getting a rescue dog can sometimes be a lot more work then you may have bargained for.  One thing is for sure, you should never jump into it whimsically.  Getting a dog is a big decision.  Getting a dog […] Read more »