Should Dogs Be Allowed On Restaurant And Pub Patio’s?

Should Dogs Be Allowed On Restaurant And Pub Patio's?We’ve all been there.  You’re out walking your dog when you decide to stop for a snack.  Your local watering hole has a great little patio in the shade.  But what about your furry friend?  Should they be allowed on the patio with you or not?  What do you think?

Pros to dog’s on patios

  1. Convenient.  It’s so much easier to stop for a cool drink or a snack while out walking your dog if your favorite place allows dogs.  Plus you’re way more likely to go out and take your dog places if they’re allowed to sit at your feet.
  2. Should Dogs Be Allowed On Restaurant And Pub Patio's?Companionship.  And when you stop for a snack, having your best bud with you makes it much more enjoyable.  They’re great company, after all!
  3. Socializing.  But most of all, it’s easier to meet people when you have a friendly dog to help break the ice!  When you have your dog with you, people will come over, say ‘hi’ and often times start up a conversation; you might have just made a new lifelong friend!  But not only that, it’s great for your dog, too.  To be exposed to lots of different people, places and smells teaches them excellent social skills.  Your dog will likely become a ‘master city dog’.

Cons to dog’s on patios

  1. Untrained dogs.  It only seems fair that if one dog is allowed, then all dogs should be, right?  But what about untrained, aggressive or unruly dogs?  Not only would that be annoying, it could also be dangerous.  The potential for dog fights or someone getting bit or hurt is a real concern.  Then who’s liable, the dog owner or the establishment?Should Dogs Be Allowed On Restaurant And Pub Patio's?
  2. Not everyone likes dogs.  There are people who don’t want to dine with dogs drooling, staring or jumping at them.  Then there’s people who are flat out afraid of dogs.  And let’s face it, there are owners out there who don’t supervise or correct their dogs bad behavior and that ruins it for everyone.
  3. Health concerns.  And of course there’s agencies such as FDA or Canadian Health Agency (depending on your country) who’s job it is to ensure our food is safe for us to eat.  And agencies such as these don’t condone eating, preparing or serving food to people if there are animals around.  Then there’s people who are simply allergic to dogs.  Through no fault of their own their bodies can’t tolerate the dander, so those people wouldn’t be able to dine where there’s dogs.

What’s your opinion?

So now that I’ve laid out 3 pros and 3 cons, what’s your opinion?  Do you have anything to add?  Do you think dog’s should be allowed on public patio’s? Why or why not?  Do you have a solution?  Please leave your comments below:

Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Dog Trainer and Natural Nutrition

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  1. Eric Haffenden says:

    Both the pros and cons have merit. 2 areas? A dog friendly area and a non-dog area, like the old smoking/non-smoking sections restaurants used to have. In the end the market will decide.

  2. Gill Brown says:

    Of course they should!

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