Natural Flea And Tick Repellent For Dogs

It’s flea and tick season again!  So off to the store you go to purchase a repellent.  Problem is, most store bought products contain harmful chemicals and poisons to kill fleas.  So you ask yourself, if it’s poison, how will it effect my dog?  Well my friend, that’s an excellent question.  Poison is poison,  after all, and in my opinion, has no place on a dog.  So below I’ve listed 4 different and easy to use options that are natural and safe remedies.


Ah yes, the controversial topic of garlic.  The truth about garlic though, is that it’s not controversial at all, it’s a lack of knowledge.  Garlic is extremely good for dogs……in small doses.  It’s also a natural bug repellent.  So feeding your dog a little garlic 3-4 times a week will help keep the bugs away.  And since bugs don’t like it, you can also make a garlic spray for your yard to help keep those dreaded pests away.  Simply boil 18 cups (or 1 gallon) of water, add 8-10 heads of cut up garlic.  Then cover it and just let it steep for 10-12 hours.  Once it’s done, strain out the access chunks, put it in a spray bottle and spray your yard and property.

For an amazing blog-post from ‘Natural Dog Health Remedies‘ on the health benefits of garlic and how much to feed your dog click here.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a ‘natural occurring sedimentary rock that easily crumbles into a fine off-white powder‘, according to Wikipedia.  The powder is harmless to us and our pets, but the super tiny glass-like chard fragments kill bugs by piercing their armor and dehydrating them.

You can buy it at most natural health pet stores.  Simply sprinkle it everywhere; on your dog, on your dog’s bed and inside and outside your house.  Trust me, it’ll keep bugs away!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Two things apple cider does that bugs hate: 1) it’s acidic, 2) it balances the PH levels in your dog.  Adding raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to your dog’s diet everyday is a sure fire way to keep pests away!  A good rule of thumb for feeding 1 teaspoon per 50 lbs.  I found an excellent blog-post explaining all about the many uses of ACV and how to use it called FLEABITES.NET.

Home Made Repellent Spray

Here’s an awesome spray you can easily make from home:

-cut 2 lemons into extremely thin slices (leave the skin on)
-bring 4 cups of water to a boil
-add lemons
-cover and turn heat off
-leave it to steep overnight
-next morning put it in a spray bottle and voila!

Use the spray on your dog, around your house, or wherever you think there might be fleas.  When you’re done, put the mixture in the fridge to keep it fresh.

*If you really want to get fancy you could add some essential oils to your mixture such as rosemary or peppermint.  Those strong smells will help deter bugs.

***Do yo have a remedy for fleas, ticks or bugs?  What is it?

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Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Dog Trainer an Natural Nutrition

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