Keep Your Dog Safe This Canada Day Long Weekend

Where there’s Canada Day Long Weekend Festivities there’s things to look out for to keep your dog safe:



For dogs, fireworks can be terrifying.  So if you’re going out to enjoy the show, leave your dog at home.  And leave some background music or the TV on to drown out the noise.  You might also want to offer them some distractions like a favorite chew or toy to keep their minds off it.  But before you head out for the celebrations it would only be fair to exercise your dog.  Take them out for their own fun in the sun, maybe for a swim or to a dog park.  Or if you’ve got a busy day ahead, drop them off at doggy daycare.  Make sure they’ve burned off their energy so they can rest easy while you’re gone.

If you’re staying home, make sure you practice safe door procedures.  Fido could easily get spooked and bolt out the front door in that split second you open it.  And screen doors are not safe barriers.  Some dogs might go through a screen so make sure the door is closed!  So for this reason, your dog should have a collar with legible contact information on.  Also, any guests you have need to be aware of the safety rules for your best canine friend!Keep Your Dog Safe This Canada Day Long Weekend


If you bring your dog out for the festivities and you’re anywhere near a lake or the ocean, make sure you’re diligent with your dog’s safety.  There’s usually lots of boats and partiers around, so keep your dog out of danger’s way.  Also, considering the heat, you need to make sure your dog stays hydrated!  Here is an excellent post on how to tell if your dog is properly hydrated.  Keep Your Dog Safe This Canada Day Long Weekend


For the love of all that is good, DO NOT bring your dog only to leave them in a hot car, tied to a tree in the direct heat or anywhere they can’t find relief.  Summer heat is too much for dogs, and sadly, dogs die every year due to being left in hot situations. DON’T BE THAT OWNER!  Click here to learn how to keep your dog cool!  SPCA dogs in hot cars reminder. Keep Your Dog Safe This Canada Day Long Weekend


And where there’s festivities there tends to be BBQ’s and food.  So eyes open.  Watch that your dog isn’t eating things they shouldn’t or that will make them sick.  And DO NOT let people give your dog left over cooked bones (once cooked, bones get brittle and can splinter in your dog’s esophagus, which could become a medical emergency).Keep Your Dog Safe This Canada Day Long Weekend

So play safe and Happy Canada Day Long Weekend!

Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Dog Trainer and Natural Nutrition

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