What Vaccines Should You Give Your Puppy?

What Vaccines Should You Give Your Puppy?Are you unsure about vaccines?  On the fence about what which ones, if any, to give your puppy?  Here’s a breakdown of traditional and non-traditional vaccine schedules for North America:

What Vaccines Should You Give Your Puppy?Depending on where you got your puppy, they may have already been started on a traditional vaccine and de-worming program.  If you got your pup from a breeder, they’ll supply you with a schedule of when your puppy received vaccines and which vaccines were given.  If you got your pup from anywhere else it maybe hard to get that information.  Either way, here’s what a traditional vaccine schedule looks like.

Traditional Vaccine Schedule:

Six weeks: Temporary distemper and measles vaccine for puppies who weren’t nursed from their mother during the first hours after birth.  Or puppies from a mother dog whose vaccines weren’t current.

Eight weeks: DHLPPC,–distemper, canine infectious hepatitis, leptospirosos, parainfluenza, parvovirus and coronavirus.   This vaccine requires the two booster injections to build up maximum immunity in your pup.  *But there’s conflicting and controversial information about this.
Twelve weeks: DHLPPC booster.
Six months: Rabies (one-year vaccine).
Fourteen months: DHLPPC, administered either yearly or every 3 years from this day on, depending on your Veterinarian’s opinion.
Eighteen months: Rabies (three-year vaccine).  Administered every three years from this day on.

What Vaccines Should You Give Your Puppy?Holistic Vaccine Schedule:

Now here is a breakdown of what an up-to-date or ‘modern day’ vaccine schedule looks like:

No vaccines until 12 weeks old if pup was with mom and she was current on her vaccines or had good titer test levels. (Titer: a blood test to assess the protection of the disease, such as distemper or parvo).
12 weeks:  Parvo only
16 weeks:  Distemper only
1 year: Titers to see how the levels are, then every 3 years after that.

Add-On Vaccines:

  • Rabies: depending on what area you’re in, would only be administered if you’re travelling.  To be given one month before your travel date.
  • Heartworm: only administered in Canada if you’re travelling to Manitoba or Ontario.What Vaccines Should You Give Your Puppy?
  • Borditella: Apparently for dogs who go to Doggy Daycare‘s, dog parks or kennels.  Veterinarians administer a vaccine called ‘Borditella’ for kennel cough once a year, however the vaccine only lasts 3-6 months, (hmmmm).  And it’s important to note that kennel cough is not life threatening.  It’s a cold and with a little honey and vitamin C it’ll go away!  Also, the vaccine only protects against 1 strain, and there are approximately 450 strains.  So even if you get the vaccine your dog can still get kennel cough, (again, hmmmm).  Plus, for 3 weeks after they get the vaccine,  they can spread kennel cough to other dogs they come into contact with.   So they shouldn’t be allowed around other dogs until they can no longer spread it.  So be sure to get more then one opinion!

Important Notes About VaccinesWhat Vaccines Should You Give Your Puppy?

  • Did you know that all dogs get the same vaccine dose?  So whether you have a Chihuahua, a Great Dane or any size breed in the middle they all get the same dose!  Whut up with that??????  Kinda makes you wonder, hey?
  • Ever wonder what giving all those vaccines to your pup in the same day does to them?  That seems like a lot to put into a puppy’s body all at once.
  • It’s your dog and your choice.  There are other options, such as titer tests.  There’s so much controversy surrounding vaccines, so I strongly recommend you become informed.  And make your decision based on your own knowledge, beliefs and comfort.  Studies have proven that annual vaccines and over-vaccinating are in fact doing more harm that good.  Choosing an alternative to vaccinations, or even just cutting back from annually to every 3 years, doesn’t make you an irresponsible dog owner.  My suggestion is to research your options and make an informed decision.

Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Dog Trainer and Natural Nutrition
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Brenda for your great recommendations on vaccines! The fact that there is no weight dependant dosage for small or large breed dogs is very disturbing in my opinion. Each dose of vaccine contains a Mercury called thimerosal and this is proven (in 244 studies involving humans) to be linked with neuro degenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases. The “old” vaccination schedule seems extremely excessive and o agree with you to strongly advise dog owners to do their research and not just follow blindly such recommendations. The “new” or holistic approach seems much more reasonable (and humane) and titres is an excellent way to determine the antibody levels of your pup.
    Just for the record… My rottie did not receive parvo vaccine on schedule but instead when he was six months old. He aquired Parvo from the vaccine and nearly died. It is impossible to ensure that all the virus in a vaccine is attenuated which could be a risk in itself.
    Thanks again!

    • brenda says:

      Thanks for the comment Elizabeth. I hope your insight encourages others to think twice before choose a vaccine regime!

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