Spring Dangers For Dogs

Spring Dangers For DogsIt’s SPRING!!!!  Finally time for some outdoor fun.  But Spring can bring some hazards for your dog.  Here are 8 things to watch out for:

Bugs:Spring Dangers For Dogs

There are two sets of bugs to watch out for.  First there’s the ‘dog bugs‘, such as fleas, ticks and lice.  Second are ‘environmental bugs‘ like wasps and spiders that crawl out of the woodwork.  Your happy puppy could easily encounter a poisonous spider and get bit.  So know the bugs in your area and what to do if your dog gets bit.

Spring Dangers For DogsLandscaping:

It’s the time of year to start our outdoor landscaping.  But along with that comes new shrubs, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.  Some of which can be very toxic for dogs.  So research the shrubs you’re planting, are they toxic? Here’s a list of toxic and non-toxic plant list for dogs according to ASPCA.  Also be aware of pesticides, not only plant sprays but also small rodent traps and poisons.  Lots of people still leave rat poison in and around their yard.  Your curious dog just might want to sample a little taste, so be aware!

Seasonal allergiesSpring Dangers For Dogs

Yes, dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies too!  So pollen, dust, mold, and all their airborne spores can affect your dog.  Symptoms can include sneezing, scratching, itching coughing, runny eyes, licking and chewing.  If you think your dog is suffering from mild seasonal allergies you might want to try some baby benadryl.  If that doesn’t work, consult your Veterinarian.

Spring Dangers For DogsSpring Cleaning

Yes, springtime brings out the need to clean!  And some cleaners smell wonderful to a dog’s nose.  So keep all those harmful cleaning chemicals away from Fido.  And don’t be fooled by ‘all natural‘ cleaning aids.  Even cleaners that have no chemicals can give your dog a belly ache if ingested.  So air on the side of caution and keep your dog away from all cleaners until you’re done and they’re safely put away.

Swimming PoolsSpring Dangers For Dogs

Our pools have been covered all winter.  It’s finally time to take the covers off and go for a dip!  But your dog might have long forgotten about that big gaping hole in the yard full of water.  And they may not remember the dangers of falling in and not being able to get back out.  So play it safe.  Never leave your dog unsupervised around the pool.

Spring Dangers For DogsEaster

Who doesn’t love Easter???  Like Christmas , Easter brings so much excitement!  But it also brings some cautions where the dog is concerned.  All that candy and the plastic it’s wrapped in can give your dog a serious belly ache.  And then there’s the Chocolate.  We all know it’s toxic for dogs but did you know that Lillies can be too?  Those beautiful flowers have some varieties that are very toxic for dogs.  So if you have any in or around the house best to keep them away from your dog’s reach.

DoorsSpring Dangers For Dogs

After a long cold winter it feels so good to finally be able to open the door and let some fresh air in.  But how are your dog’s door manners?  Do you trust them around an open door?  If not, make sure you either brush up on some door manners training or maybe shut the door and just open a window!

Spring Dangers For DogsHeat

And finally, I know it’s not summer yet but sometimes Spring can bring some quick and unexpected sun heat.  So make sure your dog doesn’t end up in a potentially life threatening situation.  If you bring them for a car ride and you have to leave them in the car, KNOW THE TEMPERATURE.  And never forget it get’s a lot hotter, a lot faster inside a car!

Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Dog Trainer and Natural Nutrition.
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