What Is Tripe And Why Is It So Good For Dogs?

What exactly is tripe?Why Is Tripe So Good For Dogs?

The Wikipedia definition for tripe is ‘a type of edible lining from the stomachs of various farm animals.’  My definition of tripe is ‘Mother Nature’s perfect super-food for dogs’!

What does ‘green tripe’ mean?

Why Is Tripe So Good For Dogs?

Grocery Store Tripe

Why Is Tripe So Good For Dogs?

Green Tripe

Many people mistake the definition of ‘Green tripe’.  It does not mean that tripe is the color green.  It means the tripe is not boiled or bleached.  So by ‘green’ it means ‘natural’, not what color it is.  Likely it’ll be washed or cleaned but will otherwise be in it’s natural state.  It’s usually more of a brown-ish color but it can vary slightly.  The tripe you find in the grocery store is not ‘green tripe’ because it’s bleach and processed.  So all those health benefits for dogs are gone out the window.  Be sure when you’re buying tripe for your dog you buy the right stuff.

Why is tripe so good for dogs?

Tripe is packed full of digestive enzymes, nutrients, probiotics, omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and good bacteria.

Prior to domestication, dogs would kill their own prey.  And the first thing they would eat is the stomach and Why Is Tripe So Good For Dogs?contents.  In other words, the ‘green tripe‘.  Dogs instinctually knew what their bodies needed.  And tripe was at the top of their list.  Now fast forward to domestication.  We humans have a tenancy to make food as unhealthy as possible by cooking and processing everything.  Basically, by doing so, we destroy all the good stuff I listed in the previous paragraph that our dogs need.  Here’s a list of some of the MANY benefits of feeding green tripe to your dog:

  • boost’s immune system
  • removes plaque and cleans teeth
  • improves digestion
  • exercises the jaw muscles
  • reduces allergies and skin conditions
  • treats diarrhea and constipation
  • great for picky eaters
  • eliminates ‘coprophagia’, or the less technical term: stops dogs from eating poop
  • the list goes on and on!Why Is Tripe So Good For Dogs?

So what’s the downside to tripe?

Anyone who’s ever fed it to their dog will tell you, there is one major problem with tripe……..IT STINKS!  There’s no hiding it.  It stinks, it stinks a lot…..to people.  But to dogs it’s an aroma of sweet and luscious, epic proportions.

How do I prepare tripe to feed my dog?

And here’s the best part for you.  You don’t! Buy it raw, canned or frozen and and simply give it to your dog.  No preparation.  Easy-peasy!

Where can I buy green tripe?Why Is Tripe So Good For Dogs?

Ok, maybe another slight down side.  It can be a bit harder to find.  But not impossible.  Mind you, people are more educated today when it comes to their dog’s health.  So tripe is becoming more well-known, popular, and easier to find.  But if your local dog boutique doesn’t carry any, ask them if they would consider bringing some in.  Show them this blog post.  Show them the health benefits.  I bet it won’t take much persuading.

Also, tripe comes in a variety of different ways.  Nowadays you can find it raw, canned, in treat form and in some kibbles.  Here’s some links to companies that make tripe for dogs:


Club CanineBuddies Natural Pet FoodNatural InstinctK-9 ChoiceRed Dog Blue Kat, K9 NaturalDarwins Natural Pet Products


Pet KindTripettK9Natural,


Dr. Harvey’sPet KindVital EssentialsBarking BadMerrick

Kibble, Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated:

Pet KindEvangersK9 Natural

*If you know of a manufacturer of Green Tripe for Dogs that’s not on my lists above PLEASE comment to me with their name and I will add them!

Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Dog Trainer and Natural Nutrition

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  1. Hi! K9 Natural has Green Tripe available raw, freeze-dried and canned! All from New Zealand from grass-fed, grass-finished red meats. Great stuff!

  2. Rosemarie Franz says:

    Darwins Natural pet food. Raw, frozen. Our dogs love it!

  3. We appreciate you mentioning our raw brand in your blogpost! The stomach lining is a very nutritious part of prey loaded with beneficial nutrients.

  4. Laura says:

    What is the best form of green tripe should I feed our 5 month old lab to get him to stop eating poop? Freeze dried, canned or what?


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