Mountain Dog Food – Product Review

Mountain Dog Food - Product ReviewHave you ever heard of ‘Mountain Dog Food’or it’s abbreviation ‘MDF‘?   It’s a raw dog food company in Canada.  I’d like to share with you my product review on this company.

Mountain Dog Food - Product ReviewA little about MDF

MDF is a raw dog food company in Alberta, Canada.  Established in 2000, they have grown their distribution to include every Canadian Province and Territory.  The company was founded by a couple who started to question the integrity of kibble.  And like most small business owners, created a product out of passion.  Their goal was to improve the health of dogs everywhere.

How safe is MDF?

MDF sources all their meat from Federally inspected facilities (CFIA).  They use human Mountain Dog Food - Product Reviewgrade meat.  It’s actually the same meat you would buy for yourself in a grocery store.  They also clean their equipment daily and have continuous environmental and product quality tests done to ensure safety on all levels.  And taking it one step further, although it’s not mandatory in Canada, they voluntarily add production dates to all their products.

Furthermore, like most raw foods, they don’t use preservatives.  To maintain freshness they freeze their product immediately after packaging.  So for safety I would give them an A+.

Mountain Dog Food - Product ReviewIngredients in MDF

Basically you have 3 choices, all of which include bone; straight meat, meat with veggies or meat with veggies and organ meat.

If you want to add all your own veggies, organ meat and supplements you can buy the straight ‘chicken or turkey with bone in‘.

Their ‘meat and veggie mix with bone‘ has 5 ingredients.  It’s a very basic diet but relies on you to add organ meat and supplement accordingly.

Their ‘protein balance‘ has the meat with bone, veggies and organ meat.  It’s much closer to a balanced diet and also the one I would recommend.  Dogs NEED tripe and organ meat in their diet.

A lot of raw food lines add oils to their product.  But freezing oil ruins the integrity of the oil.  You really are much better off adding your own to ensure it’s full benefit.

My complaint with MDF in this category is they don’t offer a lot of varieties of proteins.  They do have some fish and beef meals.  But they’re not sold in the big, bulk packages like the chicken and turkey meals are.  Like I always say, dogs need variety.  So with that said I don’t believe any dog should be on the same company’s product all the time. You could easily have your staple food of MDF.  Then offer variety.  Give them a meal of something different like a quality canned food with great ingredient.  And find another raw company that has some exotic varieties and feed them something different like Emu once a week.  Dogs should also get a big, raw, meaty bone as a weekly meal.

Pricing and availabilityMountain Dog Food - Product Review

I would also give MDF an A+ for pricing.  It’s a very affordable raw food to feed your dog.  For an average 50lb dog it will cost you approx $60-$80/month.  Mind you raw feeding depends on the age and energy level of your dog and where in the country you are.  You will likely pay more for shipping in small or isolated towns.

Having said that, you will need to add to this diet since it’s not
complete. And those additions will bring the price up.  You will Mountain Dog Food - Product Reviewdefinitely need to add a fish oil, along with some supplements such as kelp.  MDF
does makes some supplements you can buy separately.  Their supplements are also reasonably priced.  But when it comes to supplements and your dog, do your homework!  You need to know exactly what your dog’s needs are and add according to that.

Because it’s such wide spread product, you will likely be able to find MDF at many raw food retailers throughout Canada.  If your local pet boutique doesn’t carry, ask if they’ll bring it in.

Mountain Dog Food - Product ReviewProduct Packaging

And here’s where MDF is able to keep some costs down for you, the consumer.  Their packaging is not fancy.  It’s clean yet plain and simple.  You’re not paying for ‘pretty, eye-catching packages’ that will end up in the garbage.  You’re paying for the product inside.  And I don’t think your dog will care what it looks like in the freezer!


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Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Dog Trainer and Natural Nutrition

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