ROK Strap Dog Leashes And Collars – Product Review

ROK Strap Dog Leashes And Collars - Product ReviewROK Strap Dog Leashes And Collars - Product ReviewI’ve had experience using a dog leash and collar line called ROK Straps for a number of years now.  This line has a few unique features I’d like to talk about.

ROK Leash Durability

Well, I think the ROK line could probably use the word ‘durable’ as their middle name.  These well made leashes andROK Strap Dog Leashes And Collars - Product Review collars are tough to destroy.  The internal parts of these leashes are made of solid rubber.  And the hook is actually made of brass.  By admission on their own website they’re ‘chew resistant‘.

It seems when it comes to quality they have thought of everything.  The fabric cover is made of nylon and is also UV protected.  So if you’re looking for a quality made product, you won’t be disappointed.


ROK Strap Dog Leashes And Collars - Product ReviewBungee Feature

The leash itself is like a flat bungee cord.  And it has that same elasticity.  So if your dog suddenly tries to bolt or run, this leash could save your back, shoulders and joints from that painful, sudden jolt.

Traffic Lead Feature

This is probably one of my favorite features.  At the end of the leash by your dog is the the traffic lead feature.  With this you have the ability to keep your dog close to you in crowded areas or around cars.  I’ve always loved leashes with this added bonus.  Because you never know when a situation may arise where you need to have tight control of your dog.

Price PointROK Strap Dog Leashes And Collars - Product Review

The collars retail for anywhere between $11.99 to $15.99.  The leashes between $27.99 and $37.99.  And they come with a replacement warranty.  For a solid, nice looking leash and collar that will probably last you the lifetime of your dog, it’s a steal.

In the last year or so I’ve noticed these leashes popping up in more and more retail stores.  I believe they’re gaining popularity, which will make them easier to find. But if you’re having a hard time finding them they’re also available on Amazon.  I did notice, however, a knock-off leash in a big box store the other day.  I also noticed the knock-off was very poorly made in comparison.  So like everything, if you want to buy one of these, spend the money and get the real deal.  Don’t buy some cheap copy-cat version.


There is one con with this leash line.  They’re not a training lead.  They’re specifically designed for walking your dog, keeping them safe and saving you from that sudden jolts if your dog bolts.  Because they’re so durable they’re not a delicate leash.  For training you need a small, light leash.  So if you’re working on training with your dog,  get a proper training lead and save the ROK leash for everything else.

*Note, I am not being paid to write this blog post on ROK leashes and collars.  I’m writing it simply because I believe in quality.  I get frustrated when I spend my hard earned money on a junk product.  So when I come across something well made like these, I’m happy to share my opinion.

Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Dog Trainer and Natural Nutrition

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