Puppy Pads……..Pro’s And Con’s

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Puppy Pads........Pro's And Con'sDo you have a puppy?  Are you considering housebreaking with puppy pads?  One thing is for sure, puppies pee.  So are puppy pads a good idea or not?  Here are the pro’s and con’s to using puppy pads:

I’m gonna give my honest opinion right out of the gate.  I am absolutely not a fan of puppy pad training.  I believe whoever invented puppy pads is a marketing genius and by now probably very wealthy.  And I also believe whoever invented them knows nothing about puppies and dogs.  However, I’ll be as objective as I can while pointing out the pro’s and con’s.

Puppy Pads........Pro's And Con's

Puppy pad trained owners get less exercise

Pro #1)

You don’t have to get up and take your puppy out for a pee every time they need to go.  This might be convenient if you’re gone for long periods of time and can’t make it home every 2-3 hours to take puppy outside.  Or if you’re watching your favorite movie, catching up on the all important nap or just plain lazy.  It could also be convenient if you don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to take them outside.

Puppy Pads........Pro's And Con's

Puppy poop stinks!

Con #1)

Every time your pup has to relieve themselves your house will smell.  Plain and simple, puppy poop stinks!  There’s not many things worse then walking into a smelly house!  But even worse, if pup can smell pee or poop, pup will be constantly reminded they’re allowed to pee and poop in the house.  But wait, it get’s better.  If you have company and they bring their dog, that dog will also smell it and think it’s ok to use your house as a canine toilet.  And another added bonus;  If you ever bring your dog to someone else’s house, they’ll feel right at home viewing your friends house as a canine toilet as well.  You’ll be sooooooo popular, I’m sure you will be invited back soon!  But to be safe, maybe don’t hold your breath waiting for the invitation.

Pro #2)

Puppy can relieve themselves whenever they like.  Yes, I’m grasping for another pro, but in reality this might be considered a pro to some.  They don’t need to come find you, if you have trained them properly to use a puppy pad

Puppy Pads........Pro's And Con's

Puppy pad trained puppies will pee on anything!

they can just go seek it out and pee….on the puppy pad….in your house…. good times!

Con #2)

Puppy pads teach puppies to pee on things inside the house.  So for the rest of your dog’s life if you leave a soc, a sweater, a blanket or even your purse on the floor.  Once your puppy grows into an adult dog they’ll still pee on things.  Ever wonder why some dogs pee on things?  Now you know, they were puppy pad trained.  About all puppy pad training accomplishes is teaching puppies to pee on stuff in the house.  Have fun with that!

Puppy Pads........Pro's And Con's

Dog litter boxes are good for condo living

Pro #3)

And this is probably the one and only pro I can think of.  If you live in a condo or apartment and you have a small breed dog, there are actually dog litter boxes you can use.  Please use it on your balcony, though, and not inside.   They resemble the outdoors, not clothing or cloth like the pads do.  So your dog won’t relate peeing in them to peeing in the house or on your clothing and towels.  So if your living quarters are as such that you can’t get outside very easily these might be a good solution.  I would encourage you, however, to still take your dog out for a walk or two every day.  They need the exercise, fresh air and socialization…….and you probably do too 😉

Con #3)

You’ll have to housebreak your dog twice.  Unless you’re planning on letting your dog pee in the house forever?

Puppy Pads........Pro's And Con's

Puppy pad trained puppies have to be housebroken twice

I’m assuming at some point you’ll want your dog to pee outside.  Here’s the problem.  As puppies brains develop they go through two what is called ‘imprint phases’.  The first is around 7 weeks old, the second is anywhere between 6-12 months old.  If you allow them to pee in the house or on material during those phases, they’ll be imprinted that way.  But also, what do you think it does to your dog when you change the rules?  Allowing them to pee in the house one day, then disciplining them for it the next is confusing and builds mistrust.  Why not just take them outside and train them the right way from day one?  They can learn.  They want to learn.  So teach them.  Dogs are naturally clean creatures, go with that!  For help with housebreaking click here.

Puppy Pads........Pro's And Con's

Puppy pad trained puppies get less exercise

Con #4)

And just for good measure I’m gonna add another con.  Puppy pad dogs tend not to get as much fresh air and exercise as dogs with the luxury of peeing outside.  No dog wants to be cooped up all day.  So just take them outside!  Go for a walk!  Get some exercise!   Meet some people!  Bond with your puppy!  Isn’t that why you got a dog in the first place?


Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Natural Nutrition

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  1. […] If there is one particular spot your dog seems to like to relieve themselves in the house, change the association in your dog’s mind.  Feed or give them treats in that exact spot.  If your dog starts associating the spot with food they will not want to soil there anymore.  Same rule applies for sleeping.  Put your dog’s bed there and they will not want to mess.  Dog’s associate eat and sleep with cleanliness.  Remember, puppies need to learn that our entire big houses are ‘dens’ and they are not allowed to go to the bathroom anywhere inside their den.  For that reason I do no recommend the use of puppy pads, see blog post Puppy pads….pro’s and con’s. […]

  2. […] Some dog daycare’s have fenced outdoor space, others take the dogs for leashed walks.  Then there’s the ones that let them pee inside.  I prefer dogs get a leashed walk but an outdoor area will do.  No matter what, it’s never OK to teach a dog to pee or poop inside.  For more on this subject, see puppy pads, pros and cons. […]

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