Picking The Right Breed Of Dog – Do’s and Dont’s

Picking The Right Breed Of Dog - Do's and Dont'sThinking about getting a dog?  Not sure what breed to get or how to decide?  Here is a quick doo’s and dont’s on picking the right dog for you:


Picking The Right Breed Of Dog - Do's and Dont'sBe honest with yourself

Consider your lifestyle and make sure you get a dog who’s temperament and energy level matches yours.  For instance, if you have a well kept house with lots of nick-nack’s for a puppy to chew, maybe don’t get a puppy!  Especially if you know yourself well enough to know you are not going to properly supervise a puppy around your worldly possessions.  Now let’s say you’re a jogger.  Don’t get a breed susceptible to hip or breathing issues Think about the dog’s needs when you consider which breed to get, not only yours.

Do your homeworkPicking The Right Breed Of Dog - Do's and Dont's

And homework does not consist of listening to a buddy’s bad advice about his own breed of choice.  It consists of proper research.  Google the pros and cons of that breed.  Go to a dog park and observe.  Go to a dog daycare and ask questions about the breed you’re interested in.  Look up what possible health issues your breed of choice may be susceptible to.  Call a dog trainer and ask questions.  Contacting a breeder could go either way.  Breeders love their breed of dog so of course they’ll tell you how wonderful they are.  But a good breeder will be very honest about the problems with that particular breed as well.  So listen to what they have to say.  But use your own common sense as well.

Check your bank accountPicking The Right Breed Of Dog - Do's and Dont's

Dogs are expensive.  Yes, you can buy an ‘inexpensive’ dog.  But a dog it should be a lifetime commitment.  So even an ‘inexpensive’ dog needs to be fed, groomed, boarded, licensed, trained, and will need to see a Veterinarian or go to a dog daycare.  Etc, etc, etc.  Can you afford all that?  If times get tough will you stick it out or will you give your dog away?


Picking The Right Breed Of Dog - Do's and Dont'sDon’t pick a dog based solely on looks

We are all attracted to a certain look or breed of dog.  Whatever physical attributes the breed you like has, their temperament is way more important.  For instance, if you love the look of a Siberian Husky but you’re not very energetic, a Husky would be a bad choice for you.  If you love English Mastiff‘s but can’t handle their strength, don’t get a Mastiff.  Maybe you love the punchy-face dogs like Pug’s or Boston Terrier‘s but you’re the outdoorsy type.  Those punchy-face dogs can’t breath in the heat of summer.  They also have no undercoat for the cold of winter.  Once again, it would be a bad match.  So consider your lifestyle and the dog’s temperament, activity and care needs.

Don’t impulsively buy a dogPicking The Right Breed Of Dog - Do's and Dont's

Huge majority of people who impulsively get a dog end up regretting it and re-homing the dog.  Plainly put, it’s not fair to the dog so just don’t do it. Think it through!

Don’t buy a dog from a pet store

I don’t care how good the ‘sales pitch’ is or how cute the puppies are.  No reputable breeder would EVER sell their puppies to a pet store.  Make no mistake…..pet store puppies are Puppy Mill puppies.  The puppy mill industry is abusive, inhumane and cruel.    The only way to stop it is to not support it!

Written by Brenda McBurnie, Certified Dog Trainer and Natural Nutrition

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