Natural Flea And Tick Repellent For Dogs

It’s flea and tick season again!  So off to the store you go to purchase a repellent.  Problem is, most store bought products contain harmful chemicals and poisons to kill fleas.  So you ask yourself, if it’s poison, how will it effect my dog?  Well my friend, that’s an excellent question.  Poison is poison,  after all, and in my opinion, has no place on a dog.  So below I’ve listed 4 different and easy to use options that are natural and safe remedies. Read more »

How Do You Safely Remove A Tick From Your Dog?

Did you know that within 24 hours of a bite from a tick, deadly disease can be transmitted to your pet?  So removing that pesky tick quickly and efficiently is essential!  Here’s how:
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How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

We all know it, summer is HOT!  Whether you’re a first time dog owner or a seasoned dog parent, we all need to practice responsible dog ownership.  Here’s some good tips and reminders on how to keep your dog cool this summer. Read more »

Train Your Dog To Stay When You’re Out Of Sight

Train Your Dog To Stay When You're Out Of SiteIf you tell your dog to ‘stay‘ then go out of their site, what will they do?  Will they stay like you asked, follow you, or simply get bored and go find something better to do?   If you wanna teach your dog to stay even when they can’t see you, this is the blog-post for you!
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Train Your Dog To ‘Stay’ Using Positive Reinforcement

Train Your Dog To 'Stay' Using Positive ReinforcementWhen you tell your dog to ‘stay‘ what do they do?  Do they stay till you tell them they can go?  Stay for a minute then get bored and wander off?  Or just flat out ignore you?  If they do anything other then stay till you say otherwise you MUST read this blog.

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Train Your Dog To ‘Down’ Using Positive Reinforcement

Train Your Dog To 'Down' Using Positive ReinforcementDown can be a very difficult lesson to teach dogs.  If your dog doesn’t respect you as a pack leader they won’t submiss to you.  Also, it can have a depressing effect on dogs.  So to teach this, make sure you’re patient and relaxed.
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